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Two buttons i didnt expect, but however make sense are the load and save. All of us zboardmerc refugees need a place to call home where we. We spend countless hours researching various file formats and software that can open, convert, create or otherwise work with those files. The merc gaming keyboard changes all that and gives gamers the one thing they actually use the most a. I uninstalled the keyboard drivers and plugged into a different usb port. Launch your product on kickstarter, raise money for your startup, apply to crowdfund today.

Windows10 driver for the zboard merc keyboard background. The merc stealth featured 34 dedicated gaming terrain keys for easier action movements and an ergonomic design for the ultimate in comfort, even during super long gaming sessions. Ideazon z merc gaming wired usb keyboard pc ku0453. Page 5 steelseries merc stealth using your keyboard open steelseries z engine software. Given that software is required and the instructions might not be super obvious to everyone.

Steelseries merc supports simultaneous keystrokes and features a number of hotkeys for multimedia, navigation and other oneclick controls. Page 2introduction the zxp gaming keyboard is specifically designed to increase user performance and to enhance the gaming experience. Eyooso mechanical keyboard wired gaming keyboard with blue switches led backlit, 104 keys nkey rollover antighosting computer keyboard for pc desktop gamers, black. Handson with ideazons zboard gaming keyboard engadget. Its a new product from a company called ideazon who previously brought us the zboard. All of the special keys take on very strange functions, and obviously all custom key mappings are inactive. Steelseries merc stealth gaming keyboard features 3 different illumination colors blue, red and purple, which can be set to 4 different illumination modes subtle, ambient, intense and off. Foregoing swappable keysets, the merc takes the best of the zboards previous incarnation, namely. Merc usb human interface device they could be under keyboards or human. Install drivers for the two merc devices which now show correctly in device manager from sc0t33s zip file. The zboard engine macro software is a key component of the mercs performance, and the software has one of the best key assignment systems weve yet seen. How to install steelseries merc stealth on windows 10. The arrow keys are below the numpad on this keyboard, and at least have turn keys integrated, but if youre going to insist on using the arrow keys, you dont need this keyboard either.

If you press within a 3 inch wide area of the key, it will fully depress. Any one still use one if these and have windows 10 drivers. Uninstalling the update allowed it to start working again. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. How to install steelseries merc stealth on windows 10 youtube. Ideazon merc gaming keyboard free software downloads and. Overall, this gaming keyboard is designed to give you an enhanced gaming experience at an affordable price.

Steelseries merc stealth issues after windows 10 creator. As an added bonus, each and every key on the merc stealth keyboard can be programmed with the powerful steelseries z engine software. Steelseries merc stealth illuminated gaming keyboard. The ideazon merc gaming keyboard tries to renovate the typical game keyboard with a separate cluster of game keys in a supposedly easiertouse layout. Zboard keyboard gaming interface for age of mythology. With the help of the steelseries z engine software, you can program all the keys in your keyboard. Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver software did not work. All keys on the keyboard can be programmed with the powerful steelseries z engine software, allowing for programmable keys and easy to use draganddrop macro creation.

Reboot again with signed driver enforcement turned off easier to just hold shift, rightclick power button on start menu, select restart. The keyboard also comes with built in headset and microphone jacks, located above the function keys. I can find no other keyboard that has giant wasd keys on a side gaming area. Given that software is required and the instructions. Gamer portion of keyboard ku0453 zboard not responding. After the recent windows 10 cumulative update kb4034674 my merc stealth keyboard drivers has stopped working.

Our top gaming keyboards feature industryleading mechanical switches, perkey rgb illumination, and are all compatible with pc and mac. It is incredibly easy to use and the predefined profiles are a good base to work from when configuring our own. Smart, i guess, if you are someone who changes it a lot. It makes your keyboard fully programmable with easytouse draganddrop macro editing for quick customized performance.

I use a zboard fang, which is more or less the keypad on the left of the merc keyboard, but features more keys in an ambidextrous layout. The steelseries merc stealth also allows for gamers to program every key using any software that has the steelseries merc stealth drivers. If you cant get the merc to work, try to track down a fang on ebay or amazon. The merc gaming keyboard changes all that and gives gamers the one thing they actually use the most a butterfly. Zboard merc is a keyboard which no longer receive driverupdates to work with new windows updates.

Many ideazon products are powered by their zengine software. If you like the zboards standard gaming keyset, you may like ideazons merc keyboard, which has the same layout for the lefthand with oversized directional keys surrounded by programmable. Z engine software to customize every gaming experience. Page 3features multimedia keys the gaming keyboard provides. Found my old zboard keyboarddont judge, i love the wasd pad and while it. Steelseries merc stealth supports simultaneous keystrokes and features a number of hotkeys for multimedia, navigation and other oneclick controls. Steelseries merc black usb wired ergonomic gaming keyboard.

There is no warning and no way of knowing that its happened until i notice that my keys are doing the wrong things. Device software and to the right where it says zengine for merc. Expanding upon their previous experience, ideazon has rolled out a new keyboard, the zboard merc. The steelseries zengine enables you to program every key on the merc stealth. The fang uses ideazons z engine software to handle keyboard mapping, the same software the company uses in its customizeable zboard keyboard and the merc gaming keyboard. Merc stealth zboard not working after windows 10 kb4034674.

Last time i got stuck i stumbled up on this solution to solve the problem, covering how to edit the old drivers. Mercs innovative form and key profiles were engineered with the gamer in mind. Legendary steelseries gaming keyboards laid to rest steelseries. Legendary steelseries gaming keyboards laid to rest. Many of us buy expensive mice, large and specially made mouse pads but continue playing on ordinary keyboards. Simply set all macros directly onto the keyboard via the z. Ideazon zboard interchangeable keyboard system tom laverriere december 23rd, 2003 every once in a while a company will develop an innovation that. The steelseries z engine enables you to program every key on the merc stealth. I was cleaning out my closets the other day and came across mine as well. Overall, the steelseries merc stealth keyboard is a good product that is sure to improve the users gaming experience. To use these audio features, ensure that the keyboards headset and microphone connectors are plugged into the appropriate.

Summary of contents of user manual for steelseries merc stealth. In the above image the cursor is hovering over this icon and what its displaying is the current mode of the keyboard. The ideazon merc gaming keyboard is the one thing the gamer can use, but may have never thought of. Left side gamepad, jumpspace key in zbrush, the standard brush sequence is assigned the b s t combo. The reaper mouse only has drivers for windows vista 32bit, but all other products should work under both 32. Merc fang steel gaming keyboard stopped working youtube.

Ideazon zboard composite keyboard device free download. Merc is a premium hybrid keyboard that features an integrated game pad powered by zengine technology. The extensive configuration offered by the zengine software is one of the main positives of the merc stealth. The green icon with the z is the keyboard software. Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver software did. Windows10 driver for the zboard merc keyboard alt text. Steelseries merc stealth keyboard zengine got the zengine to work, but not key sequence macros.

If youre used to using wads and other keypad shortcuts, this is the keyboard for you. Miss the merc stealth, 7g, zboard, or shift gaming keyboards. No more difficult external scripting or ingame setups. But my merc is an original ideazon keyboard, so im not sure if that will make a difference. The z button not the keyboard letter z, the ideazon z in the upper left of the keyboard opens the engine to allow you to quickly change your keyboard layout configuration.

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