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Firefox users dont worrya similar firefox addon will be out soon. Lunalight decks revolve around its monsters gaining effects when sent to the graveyard by card effect to gain card advantage, build board presence, recur resources and much more. I also play 20 cards since i want to maximize the amount of time i can set up turn 1 fate. I had the entire deck minus one hpop when judgement day was announced. Judgment dragon the ace monster of lightsworn decks. If you dont have one of those cards, but you have spellbook magician of prophecy to search it out, thats fine too. Mass out on advantage with spellbook of judgment and sky striker monsters. Duel links spellbook deck, spellbook in the current meta, how to use. Duel links meta has the best, most competitive information about the game. But you gotta have at least 1 flower cardian spell trap, almost all flower cardian spells ss flower cardians so youre good. Lunalight was released in judgement force in february 2020. Spellbook of knowledge x3 spellbook of power x1 spellbook library of the crescent x3 spellbook of the master x2 spellbook of eternity x2 spellbook of secrets x3 pot of duality x3 spellbook of judgment x3 spellbook of wisdom x1 spellbook of fate x3 spellbook star hall x1 spellbook of life x1 the grand spellbook tower. Introducing new decks, top environment and highclass environment decks. By paying life points, you can destroy all cards on the field except for this monster with its effect.

During the end phase of the turn this card was activated, add spellbook spell cards from your deck to your hand, except spellbook of judgment, up to the number of spell cards activated after this cards resolution, then, you can special summon from your deck 1 spellcastertype monster whose level is less than or equal to the number of cards. I held on with hope, but i soon sold off the deck as i did not like the way spellbooks played after it. She only appears ingame after the player reaches stage 10 of duel world gx and can be unlocked as a playable character starting at stage 11. You can special summon silent magician by tributing a spellcastertype monster you control. As of november 11th, 2019, a flock of blackwing support have finally landed into the world of duel links. This card is based on the tarot card, judgement, the twentieth of the major arcana. View in online deck builder purchase on tcgplayer text view very straight forward. Free to download and play with inapp purchases screenshots and illustrations were taken during development.

Alexis rhodes is a playable legendary duelist in yugioh. Choosing which ones to play and in which ratios depends on the current meta. Up to upstart, up to 3 solemn judgement, made room for a second eternity. What would happen if spellbook of judgement came back. The pure variant is the most consistent deck in duel links, but can lack the power to deal with more explosive decks.

The best part of the deck is it is proven so good in spellbook. You can reveal 3 spellbook cards with different names from your deck, and your opponent randomly picks 1 for you to add to your hand, also shuffle the rest into your deck. Duel links on the android, a gamefaqs message board topic titled dark magician deck with spellbook support deck ideas. Card list, decks, should we pull or not, meta, and combos. Sadly we still dont have caius or raiza but in duel links we have more than enough good tributes to build a good monarch deck. Empress of prophecy, hierophant of prophecy, and reaper of prophecy appear in this cards artwork. Mado in the ocg, is an archetype of mostly spellcaster monsters with effects based around spellbook spell. Spell, spellbook of judgment, forbidden, limited, link. I only started playing duel links 2 months ago so im relatively new to the game, but ive been playing tcg for over 10 years and spellbooks is probably. Dark magician deck with spellbook support deck ideas. I played around with multiple variants of spellbook sb decks and bounced around legend, but once i solidified this current version i went from legend 1 to kog with 16 wins and 3 losses. Youll see i took a lot of wins 177 to reach kog coz my previous decks just werent strong enough, but i hit a gold mine with this budget aliens deck. So im mostly a duel links player, havent played irl in over 10 years, but.

Deck is hilariously fast once you gain momentum, drawing 2 cards and searching multiple times every turn like a lot of other well built prophecy decks. Main deck monsters spellbook magician of prophecy x3 fool of prophecy x3. Very useful for getting any need card from your deck. You first search out spellbook of secrets and then use spellbook of secrets to search out the spellbook you want. You normally can do 3 fate per duel and in rare occasions you can do 4. Ok this deck isnt like most other lightsworn decks, my only real focus with this deck is to get out judgment dragon quickly and get him out multiple times if needed. Im down one land search in the maindeck, and running a terraforming over demise of the land. According to the gagaga academy tospedia card storylines, this cards artwork depicts empress of prophecy. Join us on discord game content and materials are trademarks and s of their respective publisher and its licensors. The star halls give the deck the much needed muscle, and combined with the field spell makes your spell trap lineup a very powerful heavy storm mst deterrent. Duel links spellbook kog road to world championship 2018. Also used this deck to win a bo3 tournament, the deck only dropped 1 duel throughout the entire tourny.

Say you started your duel with spellbook of judgment and spellbook of secrets. For example, in etco sealed, everyone opens some etco booster packs, builds decks using. Spellbook magician of prophecy can search out any spellbook spell card from your deck when he is normal or special summoned. After wiping out the field with the effect, special summon a second copy of this monster from your hand, so that you can end the duel.

You can also search for decks containing this card. Spellbook deck constructed deck list and prices for the yugioh tcg. The current chinese lore listed here is only a reconstruction and may not be fully correct. Spellbook of fate is the only good spellbook in the deck that actually does something and jowgenkycoo are the best cards to summon by spellbook of judgement. If you want to avoid having your spellbook magician of prophecy. Description edit edit source for this particular set, chandra nalaar features. Spellbooks arent without flaws, as there are many ways to shut a spellbook deck down. The insect imitation deck that i used to get king of games during the first day of the new season. Now, with the invoked engine, spellbook has a much better mid and late game.

It protects your field spells and is an awesome addition to wonder baloons, if you run this deck. Any conversation about lord of the tachyon galaxy will almost inevitably turn to one card. Also, spellbook cards from return of the duelist, except spellbook of. This cards written lore in the chinese has not yet been transcribed. It breaks all deck out there since people now is relying on spells barring stall and amazoness.

The problem with spellbook before was that after you run out of fate, you cannot really do much. Duel links on the android, a gamefaqs message board topic titled upcoming main box judgement force page 6. Duel links 58th king of games with spellbook ranked duel january 2020 duration. Competitive silent magician with spellbook king of. Cards that are forbidden cannot be used in your main deck, extra deck, or side. This guide is meant to both inform and persuade about the strength, consistency, and swarming capabilities in order to prove its. It contains 9 cards, and will be released on june 26, 2020. If you let spellbook of judgment resolve, you cannot activate ash blossom. The only real bad one is delg which never saw play, even if the banish effect can be strong in some metas. Yeah, theyll really release a card that broken into dl.

So i went on the duel links meta website and found this alien deck. This deck assumes that engage is forbidden which is a proposed change for the following banlist. Also cards such as spellbook of judgment can be used to replenish your. The set will be exclusively sold in wpn game stores. The croatian andturkish names given are not official. Im trying to make a slifer deck for casual play with my friends but dont know what cards. Lunalight finds its place in duel links as an aggressive otkcentric deck.

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