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It covers 600 volts through 46 kv insulated copper conductors, however, the cable installation manual is not. The company has achieved quality certificate iso9001. View and download apw wyott bm30 installation and operation instructions manual online. Zhc has installed almost twenty thousand kilometers. Overhead live line opgw stringing equipment and tools. A complimentary installation technique is often used where the cable is coiled on the ground in a figureeight. The fiber optic association, the nonprofit group that brought you the 10 fiber safety rules you cant ignore, also offers for free a comprehensive checklist to assist those responsible for overseeing a cablinginstallation project. A simple check for damage in shipment can be made by visually inspecting the lagging. This manual provides installation information for power and control cables for industrial. The leading overhead live line opgw stringing equipment and tools manufacturers and suppliers in china, offers overhead hot line opgw installation equipment and tools with competitive price here. The foa reference for fiber optics fiber optic installation. Afl provides detailed installation instructions on proper techniques for installing opgw cable. For example, the tensioner reels for a 15 millimeters cable should have a diameter of approximately 1. Specification for installation of optical ground wires.

Opgw closures the ge fiber 705xxx opgw frame is designed for splicing and terminating opgw fiber cables. Installation instructions for opgw bolted dead end opgw bolted dead end 6. Be sure to select the proper preformed product before application. Guidelines for installation of adss aerial optical cables ref draka comteq france tss report 2008 scope and purpose this guide provides general recommendations for the selection of methods, equipment, and tools for the stringing of all dielectric. Scope this document covers all the activities usually performed by zhc for onsite installation of opgw fibre optic cables, including transport, installation, accessory assembly, verification of optical transmission. Welcome to the ninth edition of general cables cable installation manual for power and control cables. In general, the system and the equipment used for installation of the opgw cable are similar to. It is responsibility of the installer to assure the correct instruction to the whole personnel. Scope this document covers the installation of opgw fiber optic cables, including transport.

Minimal ground clearance is maintained by applying gentle braking force to the letoff reel. Knowledge and installation manual about optical cable. Zhc, one of the world leaders in opgw manufacturing. Stringing of opgw ofc over 400kv eht lines under live condition. Tcil15 opgw 20171011 nov 10, 2017 notice inviting tenders tenders are invited from eligible bidders for supply, installation and commissioning of ariel optical fiber 24f cable, with associated accessories for ap transco project. Line installation methodology courtesy from te note 1. Installation manual for opgw cable on american wire group. General cable is the leading manufacturer of wire and cable solutions in the world. Opgw installation manual free download as pdf file. Apw wyott bm30 installation and operation instructions manual. These cables are suitable for installation as optical ground wire in powerline installations. We are specialized in all kinds of fiber optic cable and related hardware, such as adss, opgw, ftth,outdoorindoor fiber cable and so on. A global solutions provider, prysmian offers a wide range of integrated.

At the foa, were mainly concerned with communications fiber optics telco, catv, lan, industrial, etc. Specification for installation of optical ground wires opgw oppc revision. Installation procedure for opgw fiber optic cable page 3 of 15 lopez, toni 042006 revised. Cablinginstallation planning checklist available for. Care should be exercised to avoid undue stress on cable guide. The specific modular design allows application with all the different network situations by simply adding and using the appropriate kits.

A tutorial on optical ground wire ratings analysis for protection. Purpose the procedure describes the recommendations for installation and delivery of opgw fiber optic cables. Abstractinstallation of an optical ground wire opgw is an increasingly common. It is designed to replace traditional static shield earth wires on overhead transmission lines with the added benefit of containing optical fibers which can be used for telecommunications purposes. Like all standards, this document only offers guidelines for design, installation and testing of fiber optic networks.

No selection 2direkt 52 kv to 550 kv connections 6 kv to 52 kv connections bahninfrastruktur connex cable accessories company connections up to 6kv ehv isicompact ixosil joints ixosil terminations mvconnex offshore windpark overhead line technology plug railway infrastructure sicon safety equipment tensorex no selection. How to install the afl opgw comealong fiber optic cable hardware. Cable guide, if used, is provided to insure that minimum bending radius of opgw is not violated. The minimum diameter of the reels where the opgw is to be coiled used during the installation should be at least 80 times the diameter of the opgw cable. Southwires sag10 software is a pcbased program that automates execution of the alcoa. Power demand of energyintensive industry continues to grow. However it must be kept in mind that fiber optic cable is a high capacity transmission medium. The frame provides an interface between the standard ge fiber optic splice closure and the opgw cable. The minimum diameter of the reels used for coiling the opgw cable during installation should be at least 80 times the diameter of the opgw cable. Op032, issue 01, july 2012 page 1 of 3 outside plant prysmian part numbers. The installation methods for adss cables are essentially the same as those used for installing power utility conductors. This quick reference guide is intended to provide highlights of opgw installation instructions needed in the field. Optical ground wire opgw is a dual functioning cable, meaning it serves two purposes. Optical ground wire, or opgw as it is commonly referred to, serves as a ground wire and a telecommunications link at the same time.

Benefits are derived from well implemented solutions. The owner, contractor, designer or installer is always responsible for the work involved. Multifix,mureva surface mounted boxes,mureva tube and fix,mureva flex,mureva lights,thorsman cable accessories and fixing,thorsman cintura,rapstrap,thorsman work lamps,thorsman cable reels,thorsman led worklamps,optiline mini,mureva flex. Osp fiber optics civil works guide 2015 joe botha and the fiber optic association, inc. Overhead conductor installation guide recommended practices firs dition 3. The pulling cable must be joined to the opgw cable by a swivel and a pulling grip. The challenge to save energy, improve safety or make sure everything continues to perform in a harsh environment, are all candidates for good solutions.

Opgw installation manual optical fiber telecommunications. Osp fiber optic installation all fiber optic applications are not the same. Installation during aerial cable installation, the cable is pulled along the cable route through temporary support hardware installed for this purpose. Aluminum clamping plates mounted to the frame provide the pullout strength required for the heavy cables, isolating the. Figure 8 cable with steel tape gyxtc8s gl techopgw. Installation material and system schneider electric. Opgw must be capable of withstanding the mechanical stresses applied to overhead cables by environmental. View and download ge php900 installation instructions manual online. All categories fiber optic cables opgw optical ground wire opgw optical ground wire manuals and guides installation manual for opgw cable view items installation manual for opgw cable email this page download pdf download pdf printable page. The opgw modular jointing system mjs opgw is a stainless steel joint for use within the external optical fibre network. The specific modular design allows application with all the different network situations by.

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